Authentic Development is a self development platform where you can find relevant resources focused on personal growth in one place. From podcasts, videos, books, experiences and products to interesting influencers or coaches. All mediums in one place giving you the ability to search, learn, and grow.

AD was founded on the grounds of hopelessness mixed with impatience. Searching on the Internet for topics such as Sexuality, Parenthood, Meditation or Depression brought more spam and clustered information than growth and inspiration. The aim of our platform and newsletter is to have one safe place for growth and inspiration. 


Natalia Kiskova, the founder of Authentic Development, is Slovakia’s Forbes 30 under 30 list-maker. A self-development devotee who in parallel works in IT Consulting. Natalia’s authentic development journey started about 6 years ago. Her aim is to live a fuller, more profound life with closer relationships, deeper feelings and a better understanding of herself and the ones around her. She is not a professional in the area, which makes her decisions in what resources to include on this website relatable to a wider audience seeking their own authentic way of development.