What is Authentic Development?

Authentic Development is a self development platform where you can find relevant resources focused on personal growth in one place. From podcasts, videos, books, experiences and products to interesting influencers or coaches. All mediums in one place giving you the ability to search, learn, and grow.

What is the Authentic Development weekly newsletter?

Every week we dive deep into various self development topics, looking at resources to please the eye, ear and mind. From the founder & community contributors, we provide authentic journeys, resources and deep dives into topics of the Mind, Body, Soul, Parenthood, Relationships, Sexuality, Work and World.

Can I be featured on your website or newsletter?

Anyone can be contribute to our newsletter or promote their product or service on our website. Contact us for more information.

Why can't I find the topics & resources I am looking for?

AD is a growing platform. We will be more than happy if you Contact Us and let us know what we can improve/add/remove to fit your needs.