Healing Your Mind-Body Connection

Your body is a self-healing entity

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Our body is out of order because you are not in it. You have a disconnect. You should know you have a mind-body disconnect when your daily grooming involves the intentional avoidance of the mirror. Less subtle cues include poor nutrition and premature signs of aging.

People disconnect from their bodies as a psychological defense when they do not feel physically safe. Chronic illness, physical or sexual abuse or even persistent body shaming can create a disconnect.

Is Any Body Home?

The mind-body disconnect ignores aspects of your physical needs. Ignoring physical needs may lower immunity to disease and illnesses that are not life-threatening.

Abandoning the body altogether can result in more severe consequences. The consequence can lead to life-threatening patters of addiction, intentional self-harm, or terminal illness.

Over time, toxins build up in the body systems, including the brain. When the body is fragile, the mind becomes fragile.

Full article continued: https://medium.com/survivors/healing-your-mind-body-connection-e1d086831719

By: Rosennab in medium.com

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